Interpreting & translation services. Spanish for English speakers.

 Escort (liaison) and consecutive interpreting services.

For individuals or delegations on official/unofficial tour, visit, meeting or interview in business or leisure trips to Puerto Varas, Puerto Montt, Llanquihue, Frutillar and Puerto Octay (other destinations upon agreement).  Also in telephone/video conference setting (not provided).  Fees:  CLP$28,000 (currency converter here).  Transportation and other expenses not included.

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Puerto Varas and Puerto Montt:  Spanish for English speaking individuals – children, teenagers, adults.  Colloquial and/or formal, business or technnical language.  Visits to local stores, banks, library, coffee shops, restaurants, grocery stores, etc. included.  Fees:  CL$18,000 (currency converter here).  Transportation and other expenses not included.

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Translation of documents from and into English.

2019 fees

Prices above per word (original document – currency converter here).  Volume discount.  E-invoicing.  Wire transfer available (through bank or Western Union wire transfer; exchange bank comission not included):  50 percent against comission, 50 percent against delivery.  Delivery by e-mail in Word processor format.

(condiciones generales de servicio aquí)

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